Wool and Silk

What sets Wool and Silk apart from the rest is that they have figured how to blend wool and silk into a tweed that is woven into their rugs.

Wool and Silk is a one-of-a-kind rug company, and its designs run the gamut. As hinted in their name, they work with a combination of both wool and silk, and the specific percentage of that blend is adjustable for each client’s specification. In addition to finding a way to use the two materials in tandem, they also actually spin the two fibers together. So instead of two separate strands of material being interwoven, the fibers become entwined right at the spinning process. This is largely what gives these rugs their beautiful sheen. In these rugs, one gets the shimmer and luster of the silk without sacrificing the durability of the wool.

While the following images don’t offer you the chance to feel the blend or experience the sheen of these rugs, they do offer excellent examples of the broad range of styles available.

Examples of the Wool & Silk Collection