James Tufenkian is a highly regarded producer of rugs made in Nepal.

While rugs are typically classified by their country of origin, there are many cases of transplants from one country working in another. In the case of Tufenkian rugs, their designers were part of large-scale emigration from Tibet to Nepal. After reaching Nepal, an aid program was established for the refugees to begin weaving.

James Tufenkian was one of the first to recognize their potential, which has since blossomed into its own category of weaving. The speed and versatility of their weaving style have made them extremely adaptable to change. These pieces are very popular with designers because they can be made to any size and color by utilizing patterns capable of movement and rearrangement. These rugs are also prized for their high-quality Himalayan wool, which possesses a beautiful texture and feel.

The following images represent some of our favorites that exemplify the collection.

Examples of the Tufenkian Collection